The Earn More Program

The Earn More Program

Are you trying to take your business to the next level?

Are you looking for the “right clients”?

Do you feel like you’re always coming up just short of your goals?

Earn More is a virtual, seven month program that gives participants the tools, techniques, support, and accountability to establish and achieve goals that drive greater results. We focus on foundational principals, cultivate data, and identify the activities that generate the best ROI on time and dollars. And then, it’s about execution.

Donna Miller

Donna Miller, Founder, C3Workplace

Donna Miller teaches each session, bringing her 20+ years of helping over 2,000 businesses to start and grow. She’s created a culture within her own firm that is built on the belief that all companies should be a force for good, that we all win when we collaborate and that staff satisfaction leads to client satisfaction. And, it works. This program is built on that successful experience.

That powerful foundation is helping nearly 100 alumni to Earn More. In the spirit of collaboration, Donna has invited guest subject matter experts to enhance the program even more.

Our current faculty includes:

Carrie Greene

Carrie Greene
Carrie Greene

Tommy Hilcken

Tommy Hilcken
Tommy Hilcken

Julbert Abraham

Julbert Abraham
Abraham Global
Marketing (AGM)

Don Seckler

Don Seckler
Peak Inbound

Chip Reichhard

Chip Reichhard

Angela Kubisky

Angela Kubisky
EVP of Membership & Marketing

Rachel Durkan

Rachel Durkan
Founder & President
Paradigm Marketing & Design

Denise Cestone

Denise Cestone
Increase Your
Credit Score

Greg Stewart

Greg Stewart

Amy Arvary

Amy Arvary
CEO/Mindset Coach
Amy Arvary
Conscious Style

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Ready for more good news?

Earn More has gone completely virtual!

Work on growing your business, meeting with your accountability partners, and earning more right from the comfort of your home or office!

The curriculum:

We will meet twice per month for 2 hours. One meeting is a fully virtual session and you can attend from the comfort of your home or office where you will learn a concept. Our second meeting of the month is a hybrid: face to face or virtual (your choice) where we focus on execution. The goal is to learn and then do, learn and then do.

The seven month program consists of … you guessed it, seven different modules:

Module One: Driving Dollars – It’s All About the Numbers

Business success requires financial literacy. If you are like many business owners we have worked with, this may not be your strong suit. In fact, it may be a great source of stress. This module will help give you the tools to move through this incredibly important part of business ownership.

We will work on:

  • Your personal budget, your business budget, cash flow and charging what you’re worth.

Module Two: The Riches are in the Niches

You may be able to sell to everyone, but you cannot afford to market to them all. This module will begin our core strategy to do less,better, to completion. We find business owners often try to do it all, working harder to achieve results and often fall prey to “the shiny object.” This module will set you on the path to FOCUS.

We will work on:

  • Your mission values vision statement, identifying your ideal target marketing by using our proprietary client analysis tool, referral sources, behavior planning.

Module Three: Marketing Mix & Compelling Messaging

There are 1,000 ways to market your business, but you cannot execute effectively on more than a few. This module will help you to analyze your business and your competition to develop compelling messaging along with the foundation for your marketing mix of activities.

We will work on:

  • A library of compelling messaging, a strategy of competitive differentiation, your marketing mix, your cookbook of behavior, and behavior planning.

Module Four: Presenting for Results and Driving Referrals

As the face of your business, you are ALWAYS presenting and we all know you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. In this module we will build on your compelling messaging to create introductory pitches that connect with your prospect. We will also take that up a notch and begin looking at referral sources where the revenue magic really happens!

We will work on:

  • How to develop introductory messages (elevator pitches), your library of pitches, a process for driving referrals.

Module Five: Thought Leadership & Strategic Partnerships

Here is what we know for sure – collaboration accelerates success. During this module we will explore how to present yourself as a thought leader, both online and offline. This is the foundation for becoming a trusted authority and for building strategic partnerships.

We will work on:

  • Strategies for thought leadership – online and offline, how to use Linkedin to drive leads, referrals, and thought leadership, how to develop a plan for cultivating strategic partnerships.

Module Six: Consultative Selling – The Path to Earning More

Selling is only a dirty word if you make it so. By taking a consultative approach to the sales process, you immediately position yourself as an expert and thought leader. You will significantly improve your results in less time. Really!

We will work on:

  • Why you need a sales process, the power of open-ended questions, going for the No, getting off the follow-up merry-go-round, and dialing for dollars as part of your behavior plan.

Module Seven: Execution – and it’s ALL about the Execution

Do less, better, to completion. Throughout these sessions, we will have developed plans and strategies…now it’s all about EXECUTION and creating systems for you to follow through and truly take your business to the next level.

We will work on:

  • Why you need a strategic plan, SWOT analysis, WIGS (Wildly Important Goals), 90-day strategic plan.

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Proprietary Earn More Program© Tools & Program Deliverables:

Personal Budget
Business Budget & Cash Flow
Weekly SMART Goals Planner
The Earn More One Page Business Plan
Mission Values Vision Tool
Earn More Client Analysis Tool
Time Budget & Time Tracker Tool
What Makes a Good Referral Tool
How to Ask for Referrals
Elevator Pitch Exercise
Marketing Essentials Checklist
Strategic Partner Tool
Behavior Planning Activities
Behavior Planning Tracking

Bonus Videos Include:

The Power of Visioning
Creating a Vision Board

Small Steps to Big Results

Accountability Groups
How to Keep on Track

Time Management is a MYTH
Task Management & Personal Effectiveness

Networking Best Practices
Guest Presenter, Angela Kubisky

Behavior Planning
Your Cookbook for Success

Email Marketing
A Powerful Return on Investment

Content Marketing for Thought Leadership
Guest Presenter, Don Seckler

Dialing for Dollars Best Practices
Guest Presenter, Nancy Calabrese

Mindset for Success
Guest Presenter, Amy Arvary

Discussion & Demo of CRM
Customer Relation Management

Your Credit Report
Guest Presenter, Denise Cestone

Featured Resources Include:

  • Mint
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Zoho CRM
  • Amy CuddyYour body language may shape who you are
  • Tsheets
  • Asana
  • Simon SinekHow Great Leaders Inspire Action
  • TimeTrade
  • Chris McChesney4 Disciplines of Execution

Here are some results from our Earn More Program Participants:

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Your Investment Includes the Following:

  • Two 2-hours session per month
  • Accountability micro-groups
  • Four 15-minute phone consults with Donna Miller during program
    • Access to Donna’s network for resources and connections.
  • Full Program Materials and Proprietary Tools
  • Earn More Alumni Membership
  • Earn More Alumni Discounts and offers

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Are you Ready to
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Small Group, Limited Availability
Your investment: $1,995 for the full 7 month program

Tuition covers the 7-month program, all proprietary tools, accountability groups, alumni status with benefits.

Plus 1:1 consults with Donna Miller!

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