10 Trends to Watch and Leverage in 2017

Want a healthy dose of reality? Being a business owner means more than having to: (a) know your business; (b) handle the sales, marketing, and finance of said business; (c) nurture your customer’s needs; and (d) keep that business afloat. On top of all of that, you need to keep your vision on the horizon. […]

3 Benefits of Growing Your Business with Effective Delegation

This week on our Summer Thought Leadership Series, Cheryl Bonini Ellis, founder of Ellis Business Enterprises LLC gives us an overview on the importance of entrepreneurial delegation. It’s not too late to enjoy your summer, but what’s better than being able to effectively run your business even when you’re not in the office? 3 Benefits of […]

Do You Suffer from Shiny Object Syndrome?

I love entrepreneurs.  We are creative, driven, multitaskers, and maybe it’s just me, but a little ADD too.  This results in what I like to call “the shiny object syndrome”.  We see something new and we have to have it.  There’s a new marketing tool or platform and we have to try it. This can […]