Full Time Office Rentals

Professional Office Space

You’re ready to take your business to the next level,
but you don’t have the time or interest in running your own office space.

With our Full-Time Office Space, you’ll receive:

  • Fully Furnished Professional Space, including furniture and equipment
  • Full Time Receptionist to Greet Guests
  • Access to Business Support Services
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Professional Environment
  • Rental Package Designed to Meet your Specific Needs

Our shared office space will help you connect with communities of like-minded
business professionals 
and to explore collaborative opportunities.

All the set up has been done for you – because you’d rather run your business than an office.

Click below to schedule a tour of one of our facilities.

Shared Office Space NJ

Shared Office Space NJ


Or reach out to discuss what will work best for you:

Working with C3Workplace is more than just acquiring a staff…
it’s joining a community.

We love sharing our story, our skills, and our friendship with
the C3Workplace Community and want to help YOU get involved!

Check out some of the community events, including our annual Small Business Celebration, Chamber of Commerce meetings, webinars, and more that you can become a part of!

Small Business Week Celebration:

Meet The Staff: