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Having a workspace at home is great, right up until you are distracted, isolated, uninspired, and unproductive. When you find yourself “kind of working, but kind of not,” it’s time to branch out and try a new working environment. Our Business Lounge is an amazing add-on to your home office and a refreshing take on traditional office space.

With a chic coffee shop vibe, fantastic networking opportunities with fellow small businesses, desk spaces to call your own, and lively and helpful staff to brighten up your day, we think it’s high time you joined the coworking movement!

Our community manager is always ready to introduce you and make connections, and our local and online events are great for meeting new people and building your business.

It’s affordable, flexible, and the energy is amazing!


  • Unlimited Access to the Business Lounge in both Montclair & Sparta during regular business hours (M-F, 9am-5pm)
  • Networking Opportunities
  • First Access to our office and online events
  • Free Wifi, Coffee, Tea, Kitchen Access, and Amenities
  • A safe place to leave your laptop when you go to lunch
  • Convenient Metered and Street Parking
  • Need private space? We have a Conference Room that can accommodate up to 14 people, and private meeting rooms for your 1:1’s!
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Working with C3Workplace is more than just acquiring a staffit’s joining a community.

We love sharing our story, our skills, and our friendship with the C3Workplace Community and want to help YOU get involved!

Check out some of the community events, including our annual Small Business Celebration, Chamber of Commerce meetings, webinars, and more that you can become a part of!