Rewards Program

Referrals, Rewards and Brand Ambassadors

At C3Workplace, we’re incredibly lucky to have a base of loyal and raving fans.  For that, we want to say thank you! And, to encourage you to keep on raving, we are pleased to announce our Rewards Program. It’s pretty simple:


Refer someone to us and have them mention your name.  For each referral, we’ll enter your name in our monthly drawing.  Prizes may include various gifts, cash, complimentary C3Workplace or Community Member services, and the like.  Each month the prize will change.  As the winner, your name will be highlighted and shared all over our social media posts as well (a win-win).


If your referral turns into closed business, we’ll reward you with a service credit equivalent to 10% of that new client’s first month of service.

This is our simple, but sincere way of saying THANK YOU and to encourage you to keep those referrals coming!!

Brand Ambassadors

If you’d like to earn Cash Rewards for closed business, complete the form below or contact Donna to apply for our Brand Ambassador program.