Office Hours with Expert Advisors

The Earn More Edition

Let us help you make 2016 your best year ever!

We know how hard it is to be the business owner and to wear all the hats it takes to be successful. This Office Hours series will be about helping you to gain laser focus, make data-driven decisions, and create maximum productivity so that you can have your best year ever!

The Earn More Business Growth Series

Donna Miller


You need to think like an organization to become one. Sessions will focus on behavior – exactly what should you be doing or not doing to produce better results. We’ll talk about what you need to do to create and feed your sales funnel.




Kelly Louro

Workflow Expert

You cannot manage time, but you can manage tasks and streamline operations. How many different programs do you use to run your company? Are they working together? Does one leverage the other? Are they feeding your sales funnel? Let us help you create an integrated process to manage operations, finances, and your sales funnel.



C3Workplace has helped well over 1,500 companies to start and grow over the last 20+ years. We know what it takes to create and manage the business that will fuel the life of your dreams…and isn’t that why you started?

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