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Q: I don’t have time to do both the back-end tasks and the overall management in my business. What is the best way to utilize my time while still keeping my company profitable?

  • A: As a business owner, what you have to realize (and quickly) is that you have a very specific skill set that needs to be utilized to the best of your ability. If you feel that you are being bogged down by nuance, it’s time to start thinking about delegating or outsourcing as much of that busy work as you can. Your expertise should not be underutilized, because that’s where the money is. We recommend taking a look at this helpful tool (there’s a spdsht in earn more materials called “Earn More Task Tracking and ROI Calculator” – perhaps create a quick form so people can receive that if they fill out their info). Fill it out with your own priorities and tasks in mind, and see where your time and money should be going. We guarantee that if you’re focusing on the correct priorities in your business, the money will come. Start small and utilize a company that can handle your busy work or your phone answering. Then, once the money really starts rolling in, you can start to consider a full-time assistant.

I keep missing client calls or don’t have enough time to schedule appointments on my own, how can I get those prospects on the calendar?:

  • A: First of all – congratulations on reaching that milestone of being “too busy.” Stressful as it is, it’s always better than the alternative. Second – and we’ll get this out of the way now – you should NOT be answering your own phone. There are plenty of inexpensive options to create automated attendants or hire professional receptionists.It’s painfully obvious when someone is answering their business line with their own cell phone, and it always sounds unprofessional. Start small. There are options of just answer and transfer. Then, move up to message-taking or even scheduling. Not only will this free of your time and rid you of unnecessary stress, but having someone else schedule your appointments will streamline your day and allow you extra time to work ON your business instead of just IN it.

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