Webinar: How to Monetize Video

Webinar: How to Monetize Video


Video is a must as part of your marketing mix. You know that. But, how do you monetize it? How do you cross purpose video for greater return on investment? Join us as we talk about the How & Why of incorporating video marketing into your mix.

C3Workplace is thrilled to host Jayne Rios (CEO and co-founder of wbtvn.tv and B2BTV.tv) and Jean Oursler (Business Coach, Alden Management Consulting Group Inc.)

Donna Miller and our guest speakers will help us understand:

1. How to create videos that generate higher lead to sales conversions

2. Why a Video Plan is essential to your business

3. When to use video to grow your sales pipeline

You should attend if you are wanting to grow your sales pipeline, need a follow up sales plan, not sure how to incorporate video into your marketing mix, looking for professional guidance on using video to grow your business, needing unique ways to close more business, not using video because you are fearful of video.


Where: Webinar - Use this access link to register for the webinar. 
When: Tuesday, February 20th, 12:30-1:15pm


Meet the speakers:

Donna Miller

President & Founder, C3Workplace

Donna is a business and community leader, a speaker, an educator and an entrepreneur who is passionate about seeing small businesses thrive.

Her team has helped well over 2,000 companies to start and grow by providing back office support, bookkeeping, educational programs and office space.  She believes in the power of collaboration (C3=Connect, Collaborate, Community) and that companies should be a force for good.

She is the recipient of numerous awards, she is a sought after speaker and in her “spare” time she is on the board of the Morris County Chamber of Commerce. She is a regular blogger and can often been found on a beach writing.


Jayne Rios

CEO & Co-Founder, WBTVN.TV & B2BTV.TV

Jayne Rios is CEO and co-founder of Women’s Broadcast Television Network (wbtvn.tv) and co-founder of B2BTV.tv with 25 years’ experience in television and internet marketing. She started her first company KungFuzos Video years before video was popular and she developed an OTT Television Station exclusively with content for women on AppleTV AND Roku, proving her ability as a visionary leader.

In the past 10 years she has achieved great success and now teaches others how to take control of their future and create the life they always dreamed. Her passion is to equip entrepreneurs and companies with the tools necessary to reach an untapped global internet audience and help grow their businesses.  Her proven methods and programs help entrepreneurs to realize their potential and to exceed their goals.

She has a very successful background in the areas of Internet Marketing, Video and eLearning.  She has spent a decade working with entrepreneurs and companies providing monetization services and video best practices.  Learn more at www.wbtvn.tv.


Jean Oursler

Business Coach, Alden Management Consulting Group, Inc.

Jean Oursler is a speaker known for her high energy, playful but professional non-sales style. She teaches her audiences how to increase sales and keep the end game in mind. Getting REAL RESULTS!

Jean has helped entrepreneurs, business owners, accountants, financial planners and lawyers who hate sales & marketing through her customized programs that teach her clients a new way of thinking about goal setting and growing a business. She understands what it takes because she is an entrepreneur and a business owner herself. She is passionate about helping others achieve the success she has earned.

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