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Working on your Well-Being: Effectively Managing Work and Life during COVID-19


Are you struggling to remain strong for your team and your family? 

Are you still trying to figure out how to safely open your business to the public? 

Uncertain of how you’ll cope in September if the kids are still at home? Or if they can safely return to school?   

You are not alone. Together, we’ve been facing an unprecedented level of crises over the past several months: a dangerous global pandemic, economic distress and uncertainty, and widespread social unrest. The mental and physical strain it has taken on all of us is undeniable. But as business owners, as parents, and as human beings, it is important to learn how to effectively cope and remain a strong and effective leader.  

It’s normal to feel exhaustion, heightened anxiety, and fear of what’s to come, and we want to help. 

Join us for an enlightening panel discussion where we will join the forces of a mental health professional, an educational professional, and a business owner/coach who will discuss the issues and effects surrounding all of us, what to expect over the next few months, and ways to manage your own mental health, as well as helping those around you. 

Let us know how we can best help you. When you register, submit the one thing you’re struggling with most so we can address and discuss during our panel.  

We will always work better when we work together. 


Amy Arvary

For over a decade Amy Arvary has been sharing the secrets of “doing better” with private clients, teams, and groups throughout the country. As a clinical hypnotherapist, Ms. Arvary has mastered the ability to identify blocks in our thinking. She helps clients and audiences reframe that thinking to better align with what they desire to overcome, achieve, and attract into their lives.

As a keynote speaker and world-renowned performance coach she has transformed audiences and private clients with strategies for breaking through obstacles and experiencing the successes they desire.

Her unique approach to healing the mind brings her clients an immediate sense of clarity, confidence, and purpose. She is a Board-Certified Master Clinical Hypnotherapist.

After a successful career in Personal Development, Amy now coaches people how to achieve the successes THEY desire.

Rose Marie Ortiz-Stokes, MSW, M.Ed

Rose Marie Ortiz-Stokes is currently an elementary school Vice Principal at Lafayette Street School in Newark, NJ.  She began her career as a school Administrative Assistant in the Passaic Public School System in 1995, where she later became a School Social Worker and worked in different aspects of social work for the next 16 years.  During this time, she counseled, mentored, and aided many students and their families, and provided in-home therapy for at-risk youth within Passaic, Essex, Union and Middlesex County.  Although Ms. Ortiz-Stokes loved serving in this capacity she believed that accepting the incredible responsibility as an elementary school Vice Principal would allow her to have an even greater impact on the families she served.

Ms. Ortiz-Stokes was born and raised in Passaic, New Jersey and is a first-generation college graduate.  After graduating from Passaic High School in 1991, she completed her undergraduate studies at William Paterson University in 2005 earning a degree in Sociology with a concentration in Urban Studies.  She earned her first master’s degree from Fordham University in Social Work and ultimately became a Licensed Social Worker in the state of New Jersey upon completion. Ms. Ortiz-Stokes then went on to pursue a Master’s in Education, which she obtained at Kean University in 2017.  She is currently completing her final year of her doctoral studies at Kean University in Educational Leadership and Urban Studies.

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Date: August 18, 2020

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