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Small Business Evolution TV - Episode 3


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Every month Donna will be bringing you insider info about how to achieve success in your small business from someone who has "been there and done that". Tune in to glean from their personal and professional challenges and triumphs so you can start taking your business to the next level.

Meet our September Guest Speaker:

Amy Arvary
Global Thought Leader and Expert in the field of MindFulness at MindSet by AmyArvary

Many years ago, after experiencing a life crisis, Amy Arvary found herself shift into a place of fear, sadness and anger. Unprepared for life’s changes and terrified of the failure that she imagined, it was the end of many things that she once knew. She was hopeless.

During this time, Ms. Arvary was introduced to meditation and noticed curiously that she began to feel better. She was intrigued. She became fixated on understanding ‘how’ and ‘why’ she was feeling better. Her search kept bringing her back to hypnosis, where she decided to dig deeper. Her fascination led to a certification in basic hypnosis. Life had shifted for her again and she continued her journey, acquiring both advanced and master level certification in clinical hypnotherapy.

Amy consistently brings her refreshing perspective to clients and organizations nationwide. As Ambassador for C3 Workplace, an organization created to help business owners and professionals network and grow, Ms. Arvary holds a seat on the panel of experts for Meet The Expert where she provides positive adjustment in thinking for business owners and executives. Actively on the Public Relations Committee with Pass It Along, an organization providing wellness programs for children in middle and high school as well as community outreach, she brings her experience with both children and teens and the amazing talent of providing large doses of confidence and clarity.

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Date: September 28, 2017