Leading with Gratitude

Being a leader means showing your gratitude, and that tends to manifest itself in many different ways. Not only does it enrich those around you, but helps to make you a better leader and the world a better place. So, how will the world remember you?

How to Drive More Referrals and Why (it’s more than you think)

Warning:  This blog will be part vent, part rant, and part how-to. As you grow your business, allocating your time becomes trickier and needs constant re-balancing. Chances are, as the business owner, you will be driving the majority of business development. Our goal is always to help our clients produce better results – do less, […]

Office Hours at Liberty Office Suites

C3Workplace at Liberty Office Suites Work Together / Think Together / GROW TOGETHER  Office Hours – Ask The Expert  Are you looking to take your business to the next level? Join Donna for a complimentary 30 minute consult as part of our Office Hours-Ask the Expert program. Having grown her company to an organization that runs itself, […]

Working on my MBA… Management By Absence

Greetings from Wyoming! I have been exploring our National Parks in an RV, enjoying family time, soaking in natural sites that keep me in a state of awe; and occasionally checking my email. This is a time for me to relax and simultaneously work on my MBA – Management by Absence, a concept introduced to […]

Be a Go Giver

I believe that in business, as in life, the more you give, the more you get.  Last week I listed “be a go-giver” as my number one tip from my 20 years in business.  So this week, I thought I’d expand. As an entrepreneur, we are responsible for closing sales, generating revenue and hitting our […]

Top 20 Tips from our 20 Years in Business

As impossible as it seems, we are about to start our 20th year in business.  I am proud, I am humbled, I am very grateful.   Not only are we still standing, but we are thriving and responding well to market trends and client demand.  We have a new name and brand, two locations, a world-class […]

Coworking – The What and The Why

Over the last 18 months or so, we have rebranded our organization, opened a second location in Sparta and renovated our Montclair facility (no wonder I’m a bit tired).  Why did we do all this?  Because, plain and simple, either you morph your business in response to market changes and client demands, or your business […]

In a word … Gratitude

I found out this week that the NW chapter of NJAWBO (N.J. Association of Women Business Owners) has named me their Business Woman of the Year.  Wow. I had to write a quick blog to express my gratitude for this honor.  I have been a member of NJAWBO since 1994.  But even before that, I […]

Work Smarter, not Harder

For quite a few years now my “white board” has been my organizational cornerstone.      This morning I spent about an hour organizing and updating my white board which is intended to be a one page overview of all the things I have going on.    My white board now encompasses two office rental & coworking […]

How Uncomfortable are You with Change?

It often amazes me how stressed out people get about change.  But they do.  If there’s one thing you can count on in life or business, it’s change: Seasons change People grow (hopefully) Business grows (hopefully) People come, people go There was a time in my entrepreneurial journey that I resisted change.  I spent a […]

A Gym for your Genius — Create your own Inspiration

A Gym for your Genius — Create your own Inspiration When you run your own business, whether you realize it or not you’ve got people looking up to you – team, clients, colleagues and so on.  Much of your forward motion depends on your ability to gain their buy-in … your ability to inspire. Well, […]