Gratitude in Action – 3 Simple and Powerful Ideas

November 15, 2016


Here at C3Workplace, we believe companies should be a force for good. We believe a rising tide lifts all boats. We believe you should not have to check your values at the door of your office, but...

Boosting Efficiency: 7 of our Best Kept Secrets

November 1, 2016

Kelly Louro

We’ve all heard the term: Time is Money. And whether you’ve set your own schedule or work a 9-5, time is undoubtedly your most precious resource. In the land of beeps and buzzes, dings and...

22 Years and 7 Things We Know for Sure

October 4, 2016


October 1st marked our 22nd anniversary. It’s almost inconceivable that over two decades have gone by since we opened our doors. We knew almost nothing of the internet, there were no websites and...

3 Ways to Generate More Profit without Working One More Hour

September 20, 2016


Sounds great, right?  More profit without working any more time.  Honestly, not only is it possible, but it’s probably the key to your success.  Having recently attended a Global Leadership...

Success Coaching – Charging What You’re Worth

September 1, 2016


Do you know you should charge more but can't seem to justify it? Carrie Greene, owner of Carrie Greene Coaching and our guest blogger for this week, says that your education, experience,...

What Matters Most When You’re Building Your Website?

August 23, 2016


In the spirit of collaboration and taking a break this summer… Rachel Durkan, the owner of Paradigm Marketing and Design, is the Summer Thought Leader and guest blogger for this week! Read on to...

Customer Service is a Key Component to a Successful Company

August 8, 2016


Next up for our Summer Thought Leadership Series, Greg Stewart, co-founder of NexGen Management, LLC shares with us a few key points on customer service and how central it is to the success...

3 Benefits of Growing Your Business with Effective Delegation

July 11, 2016


This week on our Summer Thought Leadership Series, Cheryl Bonini Ellis, founder of Ellis Business Enterprises LLC gives us an overview on the importance of entrepreneurial delegation. It's...

So, You’ve Hired an Assistant… Now What?

June 27, 2016

Kelly Louro

You’ve done it! After the long hours of back-office tasks you decided to take on by yourself (tsk, tsk...), mountains of unread emails, and clearing your voicemail box for the THIRD time this...

5 Productivity Tips So You Can Work from the Beach

June 13, 2016

Donna Miller

Perhaps you'd like to work from the beach, the mountains, an RV, or from just about anywhere. But first, let me back up a little bit. I started my business so I could retire when I was 50 (key...