Hire Slow — Fire Fast

February 23, 2018

Donna Miller

Business is growing and you are ready to bring on more help. Congratulations! I’d like to share how some of my greatest mistakes in this area turned out to be my greatest lessons and even shifted...

Can You Help Us Stay Accountable to our 2018 Goals?

December 29, 2017

Kelly Louro

Is it just us or did 2017 fly by? It feels like just yesterday we were discussing the best ways to de-stress during year end and looking forward to a squeaky clean 2017. And now here...

7 Tips to Secure a Successful 2018

December 5, 2017

Kelly Louro

So, you’ve cast aside the idea of a corporate 9-5 and working on someone else’s terms. You’re a business owner, and we know what that means. What you did took tenacity, courage, and let’s...

Top 5 Technical Tips to Take Back Your Time

October 24, 2017

Kelly Louro

  By: Kelly Louro Here’s an honest question for you – how much of your week so far has been productive? And we mean like, really productive. The kind that prompts you to take that...

Before You Hire An Assistant, Read This

August 9, 2017

Kelly Louro

Is good help hard to find?Not if you know what to look for… For business owners who are trying to take their businesses to the next level, an administrative assistant is a necessary step in...

Collaboration as a Growth Strategy

June 26, 2017

Donna Miller

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufn6M0Ifu5Q&t=131s Is collaboration part of your strategy for growth? Tune into Donna's most recent vlog to learn more about how you can begin to...

How to Use Technology to Build Strategic Partnerships

March 21, 2017

Kelly Louro

“Where are you?” is a relatively new concept that’s crept into the forefront of our conversations. Before cell phones, this wasn’t much of an issue. “Where are you?” would be...

Working from the Beach: Your How-To Guide

March 9, 2017


https://youtu.be/NWggBAEGWi8 Tune into my vlog from the sunny beaches of Cabo, Mexico! I'm giving the inside scoop on how our Mission, Values, Vision statements and finding your "why" are crucially...

Connect & Reconnect: Building Strategic Partnerships

February 23, 2017

Kelly Louro

There’s a lot to be said for collaboration, partnership, and aligning yourself with like-minded individuals. We strive to live out that credo everyday, heck it’s even in our name: C3 =...

VLOG: 2 Ways to Avoid the Shiny Object

February 13, 2017


Let's be honest... Being a business owner is hard! We are responsible for wearing many hats and taking on more tasks than we ever thought possible. Listen in to Donna's vlog as she shares two...