Become a TV Host and Get Access to 25 Million Global viewers!

B2B TV Network features programming hosted by those who have achieved Breakthrough, Remarkable, Outstanding Results in life, business, marketing and professional services. These successful men and women share their talents and insights with up to 25 million viewers. Our television station broadcasts within a network of cable stations throughout the United States and via Roku, Chromecast, AppleTV and Amazon Fire internationally.

When you host your television show on B2B TV Network, we put you front and center using digital streaming television globally!  That’s an immediate audience, and that’s immediate revenue for you through new business or sponsorships/commercials.

That’s just the beginning. You have the opportunity to turn your message, your expertise into a weekly or monthly TV Show which will connect with audiences to build relationships and increase your exposure. You will be able to interact with new and existing clients or customers who can engage with links to your programs and services. More exposure = more engagement = more Results!


Unlike most Video-On-Demand TV stations, we offer Live Stream, Live Chat, Live Private Presentation (i.e. WebEx) in addition to Video-On-Demand programming on ROKU, AppleTV and others!

The investment to host your own TV show on the  B2B TV Network is small compared to the potential you can realize in advertising and sponsorship dollars, not to mention increased business. The B2B TV Network also includes advertising and promotion throughout our network at no cost to you.

What You Get As A Host:

When you sign up to be a host on the B2B TV Network, we hold your hand through the entire process, from naming your show to getting on air and everything in between.  You will also get immediate access to:

TV Host Training Center:  You get immediate access as a host to our Training Center.  The information includes tips for producing your own TV show, but goes one step further…we help you monetize your platform.

Weekly Host Production Calls:  Join our weekly calls with our production staff to answer any questions you have and to give you tips for monetizing your channel.

Private B2B TV Network Host FB Group:  We encourage hosts to collaborate.  When you join B2B TV, you are joining some of the best in the business…we want you to do business with each other!

Marketing and Promotion for YOUR Show:  Our team provides Social Media, Press Releases, article submission with media and we drive viewers to you, wanting to hear and see your information.

Access to the Power of Community:  Our hosts collectively promote the network throughout their circles.  Collaboration is key to growing your business, so join us!

All of this included in your monthly fee, no hidden costs EVER!

Who’s watching?
  • 12 million ROKU subscriber
  • 8 million AppleTV subscribers
  • 5 million Amazon Fire subscribers
  • Unlimited audience online
Top 5 Reasons to Join B2B TV
  1. Access to 25 million viewers
  2. Expand your business into new markets
  3. Video is second to word of mouth for business referrals
  4. Having a TV show adds to your credibility as a Thought Leader in your industry
  5. TV is the next phase of “Earning More”