C3Workplace Faculty

Our C3Workplace Community boasts a wide variety of talented entrepreneurs and business owners who are also accomplished speakers and educators.  We are pleased to introduce you to our new “C3Workplace Faculty.” Each expert brings something different to the table, allowing you a wide range of valuable resources to grow your business.

Make sure to take advantage of our Office Hours program! C3Workplace community members are entitled to a free 25-minute consultation per month with one (or all!) of the faculty members presenting that month. Or, check out our Events page to see when, where and what they will be presenting next!

Donna Miller – C3Workplace Founder & President

Topics:  From marketing to financial literacy to “letting go to grow”.

Bio: As founder & president of C3Workplace, Donna brings her experience in growing a multi-location organization to the faculty.  She will share her insights on what it takes to start and grow a self-sustaining organization, even if it’s only you.  Donna is the recipient of a number of awards including the New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners (NJAWBO) Businesswoman of the Year Award, North Essex Chamber of Commerce (NECC) Outstanding Member, and has been named to NJ Monthly Magazine’s Top 25 Women Business Owners.  She is a sought after speaker and has presented at numerous events for various organizations.  Her insights on Delegation have been published in the book, Big Bold Business Advice.  Currently, Donna serves as Advisory Board Chair of The Salvation Army in Montclair. She is also an active member of the Morris County Chamber of Commerce, the Sussex County Chamber of Commerce, NECC and NJAWBO.

Tommy Hilcken – Tommy’s Toolbox

Small Business ExpertTopics:  Presenting for Results, Elevator Pitch, Networking Best Practices.

Bio: Tommy Hilcken is a World Class Coach & Motivational Humorist…delivering the funniest keynote speeches with proven business messages.  He has spent most of his life motivating and entertaining people on a national and international level, working with people from all walks of life, from blue-collar families, to celebrities and pro-athletes. As a Life Success Consultant and award winning speaker, Tommy is able to guide others to break through their fears and challenges, move away from things holding them back, and take action on what it is they really want.  His company is Tommy’s Toolbox.

John Tully – dsm-llc

Topics:  Website & Content Marketing

Bio: John Tully is the owner of dsm-llc, a consulting company, offering sales and marketing services to small to mid-sized businesses and organizations, based in Jefferson Township (Lake Hopatcong), Morris County, New Jersey. dsm-llc offers a range of sales and marketing services for small businesses including creation of
small business websites and printed marketing materials. We are certified Web Masters with expertise in website building, content creation, search engine optimization, WordPress blogs and e-mail marketing..

Patricia Singer – Follow Me Social Media Consulting

Small Business Expert

Topics:  Social Media Marketing

Bio:  Patricia’s background in social media stemmed from her daughter begging her to “be her neighbor for Farmville” on Facebook. Since that time, she has utilized all that the many social media sites have to offer and created Follow Me Social Media Consulting to help small and mid sized businesses harness the power of social media to connect with people looking for their products and services.

Janet Neal –  The Superbwoman, Inc. 

Topics:  Helping transform stressed out Superwomen into more productive, more content Superbwomen™, leading should-free lives. Work/life balance, personal and professional transformation, getting “unstuck,” empowerment.

Bio:  Janet Neal is the President of The Superbwoman, Inc., an organization devoted to providing empowering opportunities for women.  Janet has over 25+ years of corporate experience ranging from large multi-national/multi-cultural organizations to small start up firms, and in roles from administrator to VP Sales & Marketing to President/CEO. She is an experienced speaker, coach and author of Soul in Control: Reflections of a Reformed Superwoman.

Amy Arvary – Conscious Style

amyarvaryTopics:  Visualization & Hypnosis

Bio:  If you feel like you do “all” the right things, but never quite reach your goals, perhaps hypnosis is the tool you need to break through. There’s nothing “hokey pokey” about hypnosis .. it is method to train your brain to reframe your perspective using visualization.  And, if you change your perspective you truly change your world. Amy Arvary is expert at helping you clear the “static” in your thoughts so the solutions you seek can more easily be found.   You may have heard that the answers are already inside of you.  This is your opportunity to find them.

Rachel Durkan – Paradigm Marketing & Design

rdTopics:  Marketing & Design Strategy

Bio:  Rachel Durkan is the founder and owner of Paradigm Marketing and Design which provides full service marketing support including strategy development and execution, and creative services. Rachel launched Paradigm initially as a website design/development agency but quickly identified a need in the market place for comprehensive marketing support services.  Paradigm is unique in that it integrates a client’s entire marketing strategy to be cohesive and ensure that each marketing initiative (brand development, website design, communication initiatives, etc.) supports the strategic plan to produce a long term return on investment.

EDK - Medium (2)Eugene Kublanovsky – Kublanovsky Law LLC

Topics:  Intellectual Property

Bio:  Eugene is the founder and Managing Member of Kublanovsky Law LLC. Prior to opening the firm, he was a partner in a prominent New York City commercial litigation boutique where he handled a wide variety of matters for individuals, start-ups, and established private and public companies.  Eugene draws on his over 12 years’ experience to effectively and efficiently represent his clients’ interests. He does so with a keen understanding of the financial pressures many companies and individuals face today. Eugene approaches his matters with urgency and a meticulous attention to detail.  His clients appreciate his responsiveness and value his thoughtful, common-sense advice which is specifically tailored to their needs.

Casey Carpenter – The Sales Breakthrough Coach

Topics:  Sales Coaching

Bio:  As speaker, trainer and author, Casey Carpenter has committed years of experience into managing teams and training more than 500 salespeople at three Fortune 500 companies. Her business, The Sales Breakthrough Coach, is for sales professionals that are looking to grow their incredible strengths and their business sales overall.