It’s Our 25th Anniversary!

25 years ago today, we opened our doors.

Since then, we’ve seen firsthand the wealth of knowledge, talent, and opportunity the small business community has to offer and we count ourselves lucky that we can help share those gifts with the world.

It has truly been our greatest pleasure to work with so many talented entrepreneurs and business owners who want to make the world a better place.

Donna Miller, Founder and President, reflects on the past 25 years, the lessons she’s learned, and how we couldn’t have done it alone…

Top 10 Lessons to Building a Successful Company

  1. Practice Gratitude – You will not succeed in isolation.
  2. Culture Matters – It’s where momentum finds roots.
  3. Letting go is the only way to grow – Don’t just delegate, raise up leaders. Your business will prosper and so will our world.
  4. Stay a student for life – What worked 5 years ago won’t work today.
  5. Embrace Change with Sheer Joy – Keeps you relevant and keeps life interesting.
  6. Figure it out – Say yes, and then figure it out.
  7. Do less. Better. To Completion – You cannot do it all, choose wisely.
  8. Know your Numbers – Profit is not a dirty word – it drives possibilities. It’s the road map to success.
  9. Teach What you Know – Create your legacy and leave the world a better place.
  10. Think with the End in Mind.

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