5 Ways to Get Some Summer this Summer

We know how hard it is to run your business and we want to help you find time for summer this summer. In this episode of Donna’s Video Blog, she shares 5 ways for you to do just that.



  1. Great information Donna. Thank you very much. I am disappointed to miss your presentation today at RSMG networking event. Good luck. Talk soon.

  2. Donna Miller Donna Miller says:

    Thanks so much, Barbara! I’m always a big advocate of using personal time – too many business owners and workers in general forego their vacations and it always leads to burn out.

    And yes – sad to have missed you! But I’m always speaking or presenting somewhere these days! Hopefully we’ll catch up soon!

  3. Great vlog Donna. Great practical information with a very focused and conversational delivery. Your making it 5 digestible tips made it easy to remember. This is the way to do a vlog!

    • Donna Miller Donna Miller says:

      Why thank you Mark – I consider that high praise coming from a video expert ! Great re-connecting.

  4. Thank you so much. Great ideas and very timely. I am already thinking of how I can re-work my schedule to make sure I dont miss the summer again this year.

    Thanks again for always thinking ahead for us.

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